Google Dynamic DNS with Raspberry Pi

A little background information:

  • I have a few domains registered via Google Domains
  • These domains have their DNS hosted with Google Domains

What I wanted to do was have my Raspberry Pi dynamically update a DNS record, so that no matter where it was, the record was updated with the Raspberry Pi’s public IP address. In that fashion, I could always hit, without having to worry if the IP Address had changed or not.

Fortunately, Google has recently added dyndns2 protocol support to Google Domains. So all we have to do is configure a compatible dynamic DNS updater.

Create a Dynamic DNS Record

  • Log into your account at
  • Click on “DNS” next to the domain you wish to configure a record for
  • Scroll down to “Synthetic Records”
  • Choose “Dynamic DNS” from the drop down menu
  • Type in a subdomain name for your record
  • Click Add

After you’ve added a record, if you click on the record and then “View Credentials”, you will have the information you need to setup DDClient to point to and update this record.

Install DDClient

sudo apt-get install ddclient


Right after install, a Wizard will pop up. You can enter anything you want on this, as we are primarily concerned with the configuration file.

Configure DDClient

Once installation is complete, we want to edit the /etc/ddclient.conf file to put in true values instead of whatever was entered with the wizard. Here is my working ddclient.conf file, sanitized of course.

#use=if, if=wlan0
  • Reboot the Pi or restart the DDClient.

A couple of important points:

  • If you do not comment out “use=if, if=wlan0” and add the next line referencing, then DDClient will update your public DNS record with its private IP Address. The line will make sure that your DNS record has the devices public IP Address listed.
  • The daemon= line tells the ddclient how often to update the DNS record.


Hope this helps.

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