Haier Personal Washer – Review, Install, and Usage

My fiance and I live in a great apartment complex in Monterey, CA. The only downside, is the laundry is pretty expensive. Enter the Haier Personal Washing machine. The Haier Personal Washing machine is great for apartment dwellers who either have to pay outrageous prices for their onsite coin-operated laundry, or are constantly competing with other tenants to use them. It is also great for those of you who live in apartments and have kids — you don’t want to have to pay for each time you do laundry (which is quite often).



While the image above shows “Magic Chef” to be the name, it is exactly the Haier model. It looks like Magic Chef and Haier source from the same manufacturer and re-label the units.


  • Runs on 120v AC
  • Pretty quiet, even during spin cycle.


  • Slight learning curve.
  • Placement can be tricky.


The Haier Personal Washing Machine arrived from FedEx on a Friday afternoon. The unit itself was packed very securely in the box, and we had little trouble unpacking it. It’s not very heavy – my fiance could move the unit easily on her own, and there are handles on either side to assist with moving it. We perused the manual, and other than some basic instructions, it didn’t have much information. We set it in the kitchen and started brainstorming as to where to place the unit.

Placement Caveats and Warnings

The unit itself is small, holding approximately 1.5cu ft of laundry, enough to do one weeks worth of laundry per load. While small, it does have some placement requirements that you will need to take into consideration. The power cord itself is around 8 feet long, which is sufficient for most applications. The fill hose is only 4 feet long. The drain tube is sufficiently long, but you need to elevate the end of it it at least 31″. Failure to elevate the drain hose at least 31″ from the bottom of the unit will result in your washing machine running in an infinite loop. Although the instructions suggest doing this, its absolutely required for proper drainage and functioning of your washing machine. We made the mistake of not elevating the hose, and the estimated timer on the unit kept reading ’29’ indicating 29 minutes left, for about an hour! The unit would continuously drain and wash, drain and wash, drain and wash, until we elevated the hose. The unit also has to be almost exactly level, or it will chirp at you and the wash cycle won’t start. There are feet on the washing machine that are adjustable — but only the front feet are adjustable, so plan accordingly as you place it, as you may have to adjust the feet to make it level.

Failure to elevate the drain hose at least 31″ from the bottom of the unit will result in your washing machine running in an infinite loop.


We decided to place our unit in the tub in our second bathroom. As we rarely have overnight visitors, the tub was the perfect location. It was close to both power and a source of water, and the tub would serve as a washing basin to capture the water that drains from the washer.

The unit has a connection on top (not the rear) to hook up the included hose to a water source.

  • The connection on the unit is a 3/4 inch male connector.
  • The hose has two female 3/4 inch ends.

We took off the shower head in our spare shower, and the connection was 1/2 inch and not 3/4 inch.

So off to Ace Hardware! We purchased the following:

One 1/2″ female to 3/4″ female hose adapter swivel, part no 71938 from Ace


One 1/2″ male to 1/2″ male connector, part no 71933 from Ace


If Ace would have had a 1/2″ female to 3/4″ male adapter, that would have been ideal.

Nonetheless, we attached part 71938 to the shower, and into that we attached 71933. We then attached one end of the included hose to the adapter, and the other to the washer. A little elbow grease in tightening up the adapters fixed an errant leak.

Overall Review

The unit works great. The wash is thorough and the spin cycle is intense enough to get the clothes pretty dry. You can hang-dry your clothes after, or look to purchase a similar personal dryer. The cost is worth it for the convenience, and it will save you money in the long-run.

Price: From $250-$300

Hope this helps.

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