Managed WordPress and GoDaddy: Accessing your SFTP Instance

First, lets clear some things up. Managed WordPress is a relatively new (Q1 2014) offering from GoDaddy – its entirely different from an instance of WordPress you may have installed yourself on a hosting account provided by GoDaddy. They are architecturaly different, with managed wordpress having load-balanced servers dedicated to WordPress with multiple caching layers, and SSD  database back-ends. In a nutshell, it was designed to handle spikes in traffic to wordpress sites, as well as be easily scaleable. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and spin up a managed wordpress, and compare the speed to a wordpress installed on your regular hosting account with GoDaddy – the difference is night and day.

With that said, GoDaddy did  offer non-managed wordress in the past, and you were always free (and still are) to install your own instance of wordpress on your hosting account. Because of that, the information you find on the Internet may not be exactly what you want. A simple Google search for godaddy managed wordpress will usually yield a ton of other results which don’t pertain to managed wordpress, but to one of the other flavors of wordpress available to you.

Being a regular hosting customer of GoDaddy for a while, my FTP credential and management page was no longer in cPanel or Parallels, but somewhere else. I dug around, and found out where to locate it.

Accessing your FTPS Account on GoDaddy Managed WordPress
(as of 2-10-2015)

  1. Log into your Blog as if you were going to post a new blog entry
  2. On the top black bar that shows up with Managed WordPress Accounts, choose “GoDaddy Settings”
  3. On the next page, click on “Settings” button
  4. On the small popup window, click on “SSH & SFTP”
  5. Here you will find your username, password, port and address
  6. Bonus: on the database page you can log into phpMyAdmin

Basic Question(s) You May Google For

Question: Do I have FTP(s) access to Managed WordPress with GoDaddy?
Answer: Yes

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