Photo Gallery: Jellies Exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Jellies Exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium is amazing. Here is a set of photos I took of the Jellies Exhibit at the Aquarium. If you decide to go visit, please note that tripods are not allowed in the Aquarium, so you’ll have to prepare and not have that 2nd cup of coffee so you aren’t jittery when taking photos. The fact that tripods aren’t allowed might not seem like a big deal, until you find out that the special exhibits are all in the dark and backlit!

Tips from a local:

  • The Aquarium gets packed on the weekend and during holidays — plan accordingly and get there as soon as it opens for the best chance at uninterupted viewing of the special exhibits (as of 1-1-2015 these are the Jellies, Jellies Experience, and Tentacles Exhibits).
  • Dress in layers — it might be cold outside for you, but inside the aquarium it gets hot and stuffy with all those people. Plan accordingly and dress in layers so you can take something off and not be sweating too much.
  • The Aquarium is huge, plan on spending at least 4 hours there if you want to see everything.
  • Food is available inside, however on Cannery Row there are a lot of great restaurants within walking distance.
  • Parking can run you around $20 a day – if you are willing to walk and the weather cooperates, you can park around a mile down the road towards Asilomar beach and avoid paying anything.

Have fun, enjoy the photos, and check out my other galleries.


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