Monterey Whale Watching, 9/6/2015 – 20 Photos!

On Sunday September 6th, 2015 I captured these photos while whale watching in Monterey. We went out on the Princess Monterey, from Princess Monterey Whale Watching.

Technically, this action was shot about 1 hour transit time away from Monterey by boat, half hour by land, in Moss Landing. You can see the iconic twin stacks of the Moss Landing power plant in a few of the shots.

With such a long transit time, and no sign of any whales or other wildlife for about an hour or so, many participants were growing a little antsy. There were mutters and talk about exercising the “guarantee” that if you don’t see whales on a trip, you get a free voucher to come back on another trip to test your luck again.

Little did we know that just a short time later we would be surrounded by at least 50 whales, countless dolphins, and seabirds!

The pictures don’t do the scene justice: there were lunge feeding whales, many more breaches, tail slapping, fin flapping, and group (cooperative!!!) feeding. A veteran of whale watching, I was still awe-struck by what we saw on Sunday September 6th. The docent was similarly awe-struck — no matter where we looked, there was activity!

Pro tip: Although¬†¬†has a good track record with us, we found that 2 or 3 times we’ve went that the docent was lacking. If we were newcomers, we would have wanted a better guide and more information while out on the water.

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